As an instructor I’m involved with several organizations. Here are the most significant ones.

As my day job I work in the Norwegian Corrections, both as a regular Correctional officer and as an instructor within selfdefense and use of force. Both for the regular staff and trainees.

Within the Martial Arts community I teach the Martial Arts as a Traditional Art, Sport, and for self-defense. I like to differentiate those three aspects of the martial arts but they also blend together in a lot of ways.
I have tried most Martial Arts available but my main styles are ITF Taekwon-Do and Hapkido.

I am responsible for two Taekwon-Do clubs. Oslo East Taekwon-Do club, and Jessheim Taekwon-Do club. Both of them are organised in National Taekwon-Do Norway, and the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation. Our international connection is the International Taekwon-Do Federation, where I am an International Instructor and examiner. I am also an International umpire, class A (for competitions).

For the Hapkido I’m working with the Sangrok World Academy. The style is Sangrok Hapkido. I conduct seminars and educate black belts on a regular basis.

In Norway most Martial Arts are organised in the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation. I am a course teacher in the federations trainer program.
I am also leader of a self-defence instructor development group who are working to develop a style neutral instructor program, within self-defence for all the members of the federation. Regardless of style.

I also teach in the private security sector. Here I do courses for security guards and door supervisors. Both of those courses are regulated by the Norwegian government, and it is mandatory for individuals who work as a door supervisor and security guards to have them.

Im affiliated with Blauer Tactical Systems, as a certified PDR coach. Im also a certified SPEAR coach for Law Enforcement.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in some of those organisations.























Training Certifications

Martial Arts

– National Taekwon-Do Norway (NTN) and International Taekwon-Do federation (ITF) – International Instructor and examiner. 5th. Degree Black belt.

– Norway Sangrok Hapkido from World Sangrok Academy and World Kido Association – Instructor. 3rd. Degree Black belt.

– Kali Sikaran (Filipino Martial Arts) – Instructor, 1st. Degree Black belt.

– Shooters Shootfighting – Instructor

– Norwegian Martial Arts Federation – Trainer and instructor educator

Blauer Tactical Systems

– SPEAR of Blauer Tactical Systems – Law enforcement Instructor

– PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) of Blauer Tactical Systems – Instructor

Law Enforcement and private security

– Norwegian staff academy of corrections – Conflict management, self defense and use of force Instructor

– Anger Management for prisoners – Instructor

– Norwegian Security Officer training course – Instructor

– Norwegian Door Supervisor training course – Instructor

– Smith & Wesson Handcuffing – instructor

– BodyCuff – Instructor

– Edge Weapons Defence for Law Enforcement – Instructor

Ta kontakt

Contact Information

Telefon: 924 46 356